Monday, November 10, 2008

Sono #2

Well, I got called to go back to the dr. a little earlier than expected. My first appt. was on a Friday and the next Wed. I had a voicemail on my phone at school AND my cell. The msg. was from the dr. saying it wasn't an emergency, but to call and ask for HER asap. WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? It's not an emergency..but call HER asap. Great. I have some sort of foreign disease. I'm dying of cancer. I have 6 months to live. Brett lied and gave me something! All of these horrible thoughts were running through my head. Thank God our Spanish teacher was in my room working with a student. I was frantic. I begged her to watch my class so that I could call my dr. and find out how much time I had to live. By this time, I had forgotten it wasn't an emergency. Come to find out, my blood test came back that I am NOT immune to the chicken pox. I had written on my forms that I had been exposed in the past week. How could I not be immune? My mom MADE me play with my friends when I was little and drink from their cups when so that I WOULD get them. I'm a teacher for God's sake! For EIGHT years! How did this never happen?!?! My sister is 35 and never had them either. I just assumed we were BOTH immune! Welp, I'm not. So to make a long story short...anytime a student goes home with them and I have even been in the same room with them...I have to go in. DRAMA!!! Whatever, I'll do it.

So this sonogram is from that appt. Brett and I got to hear the heartbeat for the 1st time and it was amazing. I didn't cry...I thought I might, but it was dang cool! I was 11w2d at the time and I was measuring 12w3d. My due date has not changed, for now. This picture is awesome b/c you can really see the nose and chin pretty good. It's amazing how much they change in just 10 days! You can click on the pic to make it larger. My next appt. is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. I think we'll be short just a week or so of finding out the gender.

I told the staff at my school about the pregnancy on Friday, Nov. 7th. I don't have those pics uploaded yet, and really, I don't want to shock anyone with me being on time...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Introducing (drum roll, please...)...TATOR TOT!

Well, it's sorta official. I haven't told my coworkers yet...that is coming this Friday, but I just had to say it! Not like anyone looks at this thing anyway, right? I actually found out on Sunday, September 21st...and kept it from Brett until Monday night! That was hard! We went out to eat at On the Border and I had him open a gift. It was a Pitt State newborn shirt from my Build-A-Bear. It still had the tags on it and everything. I had our waitress take pics. She obviously wasn't a scrapbooker b/c they look like crap with the lighting, but oh well. Brett was pleasantly surprised and I'm going nuts keeping my secret this long!

I have so much to say, but don't want to type it all, so I will post the pics of our first sonogram from October 24th...I was 9 weeks 6 days.

Here's the low down: I was freaking out b/c I have never had my blood drawn. I got my blood pressure taken and they were a little was like 178/74! I started crying and they wondered what in the heck was wrong with me. I broke down and told them about my needle drama. I asked them if my husband could come with me. He held my hand as I listened to my iPod "I Got 99 Problems but a B*$%H Ain't One". I know, it's really not appropriate, but it was the first thing that came on and I blared it so loud I have no clue what they were all talking about. Needless to say, it didn't hurt at all. But when you grow up passing out from getting your ears pierced, getting stung by bees, and then passing out in an elevator after a TB skin test, you have the right to be nervous about them sucking 3 bottles of blood from your scrawny little arms!!!

Oh yes, and the important part....I'm due May 23rd! Right after school's out...boy can we plan'em!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Here Goes Nothing...

Well, it seems like blogs are "the thing" to try. So I thought, hey, why not? Brett and I have been married for a year now and thought that it would be nice to keep all of you updated since we don't see you as often as we like! I'm sure I'll be slow going, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon. We have some exciting things going on right now, but I'll save that until next time!