Saturday, August 15, 2009

He Really Is Growing Up Too Fast...

Brecken had his 3 month shoot on Friday....AHHH! Where has the time gone? I have to admit, I was quite nervous after the hot-mess that I became at his newborn shoot. That was the first super-horrible, before the pediatrician visit day ever. He screamed the whole time...I fed him and it made it worse. We ended up spending 3 hours there and I was so mad b/c I didn't think we were going to get any good pictures.

Well, he proved me wrong! I think we got some great ones, and really, I'm glad we didn't get a ton b/c it's too hard to choose from these. The bad news...the shoot went so well yesterday that I'm not sure if I'll be able to pick any out! I didn't want the traditional, just sitting there propped up against a pillow we did some fun stuff. I guess I will save all that for when we get them back. Our photographer has a blog (it's on the right) "Only Young Once". She just had a baby herself and has an excellent attitude about everything. Since it is an hour-and-a-half from our house, he needed to be fed when we got there and she was so patient. We ended up getting everything done (naked/beach/stud/casual) in an hour. He only started to whimper twice (it was naptime)! I am so proud of him and can't wait to see the proofs! And....I'm investing in a beanbag...He loved it, and fell sound asleep in it!

Here are a few of my favorites from his newborn shoot. The first one is his birth announcement. I know, he's not a newborn...but I have a new motto, "Better late than never"!



Chaffin Channel said...

Hey guys - he's beautiful. You are amazing parents. He should be proud to call you mom and dad. Love the pics - can't wait to see the latest ones! Hey - how's Diesel? LOL

Meghan Gibbens said...

AHHHHH I want to squeeze his little cheeks!