Monday, August 17, 2009

So Much Going On!

Well, school has started. We have officially finished 4 days......and I'm still alive. I have 21 students this year. This is the largest group I have had in my 9 years. I did have 26 when I student taught...but being that it was a private's hard to compare! I have a pretty chatty bunch, but Garrett Boot Camp is in full force and I don't think it will take long to get them into shape! I love seeing all of the fresh haircuts, new clothes, and gleaming white shoes! Every year I try to come up with something different for my door...this was my last minute attempt for 2009:
I am working half days right now. I felt like I deserved to miss some school just like every other teacher I know that's had a baby. I can't help it if I have perfect timing and he's born the day before we get out! I leave at noon everyday through August 26th. I really think it would be easier to be there all day, because my plan time is in the afternoon, so I have been getting there at 7:15 in the morning (I KNOW, RIGHT?!?) to make sure everything is ready for my sub. I can't wait to get my hair chopped off b/c it is driving me crazy and looks ridiculous. Just haven't had the time...or please don't judge!

I thought this picture of Brecken was hilarious! I was out buying props for his 3 month pics and these were the first pair of shades I bought. I ended up finding some with the strap that fit better, so these Hot Wheels ones will have to wait till he's a little older! You can't see his eyes unless there is the flash of the camera...but I think it is so funny! He apparently thought it was pretty funny, too....he was workin' on a poop!
Brecken actually turned 13 weeks old today! He will officially be 3 months old tomorrow, but I have to take a picture of him EVERY Monday for his weekly pic! Oh, don't you worry, I'll be taking more tomorrow...I'm sure he will look quite different! Here he is today:
He's becoming quite the flirt! I love that everything I do makes him laugh! =)
That's all for now! I wouldn't want you to pass out from so many updates!
P.S.---Is today really just Monday?


What's my name again? said...

Your door is soo cool Superfly!

The Sogaard Family said...

Cherie, you look great and your door is so cute! Brecken is adorable! I read your comment on our blog and I am going back and forth about what to do, I am hoping that by inducing 10 days early that at most he will be 9 lbs and my sister was 9 lbs and my mom was able to deliver her....we'll see. :)

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

That door fits you well, you always do the cutest themes!

Brecken is getting so big, such a doll!!!!

We miss you :)

Julie Moore said...

Hi Mrs. Garrett! This is Amber Moore. I really really miss your class. How is your class? Your baby is really cute! I like your hair long. You don't need to cut it. You're really really pretty with long hair. I made a new blog. Please check it out.