Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Announcement At McCarter

This was set up in our lounge!

Don't freak's only been a month, people!
Anyway, I announced our big news on Friday, November 7th. Now, knowing my history of late mornings, I knew I had to plan ahead. Thank God I have the alarm code to the building or else this never would have happened! You may wonder why I just didn't "tell" people. Well, if your familiar with the school I teach at, you also know that our staff if quite young and there is always AT LEAST one teacher prego every year! Last year 3 teachers in my hall had babies! This is why we have to get creative...everyone always has some sort of clever "announcement". Since everyone knows that I am a Pitt State fanatic, it just seemed to fit. Of course it was simple, it's just like throwing a bulletin board together, but sometimes simple can still be good, right?


Isabella said...

Love the bulletin board!!

Angel Gabi's Mommy said...

SUPER CUTE!!! It's about time we get another post, of course who am I to talk?

Hope you are feeling well. We miss you, let's get together after Christmas!

Barb said...

Great bulletin board! It seems like I haven't seen you in forever... I hope you are doing great and have a wonderful holiday!!

Mommy to 4 boys! said...

That was so creative! How are you going to top that next time though?!