Friday, February 20, 2009

I just wanna SLEEP (a little vent)!

OK, it's Friday. Last night I was at school until 7 b/c we were "expected" to be at the Board of Education meeting. Check.

We recently wrapped up Parent/Teacher Conferences where we had to put in two (nearly) 13 hour days. Check.

I'm at work until at least 5 every night (not 3:30 like most people think). Check.

I spend my weekends at school. Check.

Tonight is Chili/Bingo...for school...again......I WANT A BIGGER PAYCHECK!

UGH....I just don't get it. Crappy economy? Everyone and there dog is out spending money. I get a crappy paycheck, plus put in WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more hours than I ever thought I would as a teacher (they don't tell you this stuff in college...nor the enormous amounts of paperwork!). We're "expected" to show face at school events. Do I get paid? NO. So what do I do if we want to day anything fun in my room like science experiments or cooking? I spend my paycheck to pay for it. Unless it's construction paper, glue, glitter, or paint, you're pretty much on your own to pay for things. Oh....and let's not forget the budget cuts that are taking place THIS school year. I swear. And if they think that for a second that increasing all class sizes to 25 is going to "fix" things...than they'll really love us when our test scores come in and they drop (and wonder why)! The whole profession is just getting to me. I know I haven't been in the business that long, but in the 8 years that I've been doing it, I have seen some crazy changes! What happened to just plain old teaching? Now it's TEST, TEST, TEST! I don't even have time to teach my students b/c I'm ALWAYS testing. I feel like a meanie most of the time b/c there is so much stuff we are required to get done that we can't even have fun anymore. It's just aggravating.

I'm done venting...I just wanna go to sleep...

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The Sogaard Family said...

Amen! I could have written that myself! You will learn to let a few things go after your sweet baby boy arrives (I rarely attend school events in the evenings now and admin just had to get over that), but I still despise the focus on the TEST!