Thursday, January 29, 2009


CLEATS! That's right, we're having a little boy! You would never guess that from our new background. Most of you talk to me through myspace and facebook anyway, so it's no surprise, right?! Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but to tell you the truth, I had a lot on my mind and didn't want to get into it at the time.

I have so many new pictures since my last post, but don't have them scanned, plus I am at school! Hey, it's Kansas Day..the kiddos are watching The Wizard of Oz!

Anyway, when we went to our level 2 in December to get checked out and find the gender, the dr. had found a white spot on the baby's heart. She was not my usual ob and was very impersonal. Very matter-of-fact and not compassionate at all. She said it was a marker for Down syndrome. Our chances of having a baby with DS was 1/887, but because of my age, that sliced it in half to 1/443. I was not concerned about having a child with DS, I was more concerned about him having some sort of heart condition. I was so put off by her attitude that I really didn't even ask any questions...which I had a million of them after we got home...and cried and cried and cried some more. We did however have the nurse put the gender in a sealed envelope and this is how we found out:

Brett and I decided that we wanted to find out at the same time our families did. Most of you that know us well know that my sister, Michelle, was born with mental retardation and a slight form of autism. Let me tell you, she can't wait to be an aunt! She is so stinkin' excited! We figured that since she will never get the chance to experience all of this for herself, that we wanted her to do the honors of finding out first and telling everyone. Brett and I took our envelope to Build-A-Bear workshop and we made the cutest little bear. We picked out a boy and a girl outfit. We also recorded Tator Tot's hearbeat at the level 2 and had it put inside of the bear. We then gave the envelope to an employee and explained that the gender of our baby was inside and that we wanted her to dress it in the appropriate outfit while we went shopping. I could hardly stand it! For some reason I knew it was a boy, but I still couldn't stand the suspense! Now, one VERY important detail is that this took place on a Friday afternoon and Brett was going out with friends in KC that I had to wait until Saturday to find out! I made him keep the bear in his car, or else I KNEW I would peek! We invited the whole fam over on both sides and Michelle opened the bear "condo". When she took it out, I had my face covered. She cradled the bear like a baby and everyone screamed!!! It was so cool...and then I jumped up and down like a complete fool yelling, "I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!" I told my friends, I guess God knew there could still only be one diva in our house...for now! We all enjoyed some yummy cheesecake and I about wore the heartbeat outta that bear wanting to hear our little Tator Tot!

I went back for a second level 2 on Monday, January 26 and the spot is still there. Needless to say, the dr. must have been in a bad mood at that first appt. b/c she was a completely different person this time. I asked her what that spot was in real life and she explained that it was a calcification on the muscle near a valve, but that it hasn't grown and she isn't concerned. She explained at both appt.'s that plenty of healthy babies are born that have this. I had my regular monthly appt. that afternoon and they aren't concerned, either. I'm just gonna trust the professionals! He is getting so big....I was 23.3 weeks and everything was measuring over 24...except for his little head. Guess he won't have my big ol' melon! He weighs about 1 lb. 6 oz. I just can't wait to finally meet him!!! I feel him moving more and more everyday and it is so weird, but cool!

I hope to get some pics of our cute little bear and the new ones of Tator Tot up soon. Again, I'm trying to be better! If I would just keep up, I wouldn't have to write a novel! Peace out, cub scouts! =)

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Mommy to 4 boys! said...

Congratulations Cherie. That's a great way to find out the gender. We keep going back and forth on finding out this time. I love the bear and heartbeat idea! Little boys are so wonderful. You'll have a blast! By the way, just because I'm nosey, who was the doctor that did that to you? If you don't want to say, you don't have to. Just wondering if it's who I'm thinking of!